FAQs About Denture Repair

When making dentures, they are expected to last for several years. However, there are times when dentures become damaged and will need to be repaired. Repairs can prolong the life of your dentures, especially when you take good care of them. If you want to know more about denture repair, let’s get into some questions patients commonly ask.

Can all problems with dentures be repaired?

Many of the problems you come across with your dentures will be able to be fixed, but not every problem can be repaired. Common issues that can be fixed by dentists include minor breaks or cracks. However, severe cracks or warps may require a replacement set of dentures.

If I wear dentures, can I repair small problems on my own?

It may seem simple to try and fix dentures on your own, but this can actually lead to further problems down the road. Any DIY repairs made on your dentures could end up causing more damage to your dentures as you continue using them. Your best bet is to contact a denture repair fairview heights professional to get them fixed properly.

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Where will my dentures be sent when they are repaired?

Each dentist does things a bit differently, but oftentimes they are spent to a special location where they will be repaired according to what is wrong with them. Each facility is different and has their own timeline, so it’s important to ask your dentist how long it will take for your dentures to be repaired.

Your dentures enable you to speak and eat effortlessly, so it’s important that you make sure they are properly maintained. Ask your dentist about repairs if you notice cracks or breaks in your dentures that can potentially cause discomfort or worsen over time as you continue to use your dentures.